“Drink. Drive. Go to Jail” This is the threat you will see on advertising and road signs all over Texas. Many people have seen this so much that they now believe ‘drinking and driving’ is against the law – It is not against the law in Texas to drive after you have been drinking. It is against the law to drink so much that you become intoxicated and then drive while you are in that intoxicated state.


But, “Drink. Drive. Go to Jail.” seems to be the State’s policy which has resulted in thousands of people being arrested for DWI in Texas who have had their cases dismissed or received a jury verdict of Not Guilty because they were not driving while intoxicated even though the officer arrested them anyway.

What To Expect

I have experience in defending intoxication offenses aggressively. Your case is important to me and unlike many attorneys, you will have close contact with me throughout your defense rather than just with the staff. This will start during your free consultation. I will spend time with you so that you will have a better understanding of DWI laws and the process of defending your case. Throughout preparing your defense, we will discuss not only your case but also other areas that can result in future problems for you, such as license suspensions, occupational licenses, CDL holders, surcharges and the importance of an ALR hearing in defending your DWI case.


The law is complex and much is at stake. You need an experienced, knowledgeable Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) lawyer who is willing to expend time and effort countering a prosecutor who has almost unlimited resources. Hiring a DWI defense attorney in Austin, San Antonio or the central Texas area based solely upon fee structure alone in order to save money is unwise. Be aware that an attorney without adequate resources will be hampered by financial constraints. This could cost you much more than the legal fees expended. It’s not worth the risk! You get what you pay for.

Do Not Delay

Being accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI) is serious and it is essential that you do not delay retaining an experienced attorney. I have years of experience handling intoxication cases and have successfully obtained positive resolutions for my clients. Every case is unique and can present opportunities for your defense against the case. I will personally handle your case every step of the way.


I am an experienced and aggressive defense attorney. I challenge all the evidence the prosecutor will try to use against you. In some cases, the prosecutor will not bring particular evidence which may be available and could be crucial in your defense; in fact, the evidence in some instances will be destroyed if you do not move quickly to get a court order to preserve it. Sometimes, this evidence can be the difference between having your case dismissed or prosecuted.

DWI cases have many aspects that need to be addressed quickly; many involve deadlines that will occur long before your first court date. If we do not act quickly opportunities to avoid license suspensions or preserve crucial evidence for your defense will be lost forever. Some of these include


  • Avoid automatic Suspension of your Driver’s license
  • Preserve videos from the scene and/or the county jail
  • Preserve crucial evidence retained at the police department to address unlawful police stops

There are many types of intoxication cases; DWI, Felony DWI, DWI with child passenger, Intoxication Assault, and Intoxication Manslaughter are a few. The level of offense depends on the specifics of each case. They range from Class B Misdemeanor to 1st Degree Felony with punishment ranges from 72 hours in county jail to Life in prison.

Will I lose my license if I refuse testing?