Pretrial Diversion Application


Your Pretrial Diversion Application will be submitted by our office. In addition to the form below, it be submitted with the following documents:

  1. Two (2) Letters of recommendation
    • Must be from non-family members
    • Must include the contact information of person writing letter
    • Recommendation must affirmatively indicate that the individual giving their opinion of the applicant is personally aware of why applicant is applying for PTD Program.
    • The letter can be printed or hand written, but either way the letter need to be signed.
  2. Proof of employment
    • Or proof of actively seeking employment
    • Or School Enrollment status
  3. Urinalysis screening (UA)
    • Provided from any Lab
    • 10 Panel UA Stating positive/negative
  4. $50 Money Order
    • Leave Blank


These documents must be delivered to Linda Corley’s office within 80 days of the offence.

Documents can be sent to us via email, fax, delivered in person, or uploaded into our client portal.

Personal Information of Applicant/Defendant


Background Information


  • Include high school or highest grade completed, as well as all education beyond high school
  • Military Service

  • Present or Most Recent Employer

  • Offender HIstory