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I was arrested for a dwi charge and hired Linda after receiving her offer to help in the mail. First of Linda is fair. Other attorneys were ready to charge me 3,000 to represent me and that was just press trial. Plus this was my first offense and there was no accident. Linda didn’t even charge me 1,000. (I don’t want to quote any prices) She was nice, understanding and most importantly straight forward. After seeing the police video of what happened that night she told me there was no chance of me winning in court and this really put me in awe because she basically said ‘there’s no point in you paying me the trail fee” She cared about my outcome and I had to plea guilty for a lower charge which was obstruction of highway. Which is better for so many reasons. Linda is a great attorney and I will hire again in a heartbeat. Which I plan to do to expunge my record. Thank you again Linda!




An extremely hard working lawyer who truly cares about her clients!

Ms. Corley represented me in a matter concerning my continued probation. I had been serving 4 years of a 5 year probation sentence, but I had a marijuana-related relapse. Although I had no dirty UAs and no recent bad activity, my judge was wanting to send me to SAFP, normally a sentence reserved for heavy drug users. Ms. Corley spent months talking and working with my probation officers, my MHMR representatives, and my friends and family to show that I was not an acceptable candidate for such a steep punishment. She called me with regular updates and showed genuine compassion and caring when working directly with me. Likewise, she gave no quarter in court and stood up to the court and probation system when things got tough. She didn’t make back door deals with the DA like so many other lawyers I’ve worked with. She was really there to get me the best deal possible. The outcome I received was nothing short of miraculous. I not only was put back on probation with no time penalties, the only punishment I received was to attend an hour-long class every Friday through MHMR, where I met some really great people and was allowed to really speak out about my situation. By the end of the course, I was assisting in the teaching of mental health-related topics and was being asked to teach other groups as well. I was even offered a job as a peer counselor through the MHMR system! I have been off paper for three months now, and I can honestly say that I owe that to Ms. Corley. She kept in touch even after my court date and gave me valuable advice to help me finish my probation in good standing. My life is now better than when I started probation, and I owe Ms. Corley a very heartfelt thank you for helping me get here. I could think of no lawyer better suited to represent the people looking for lawyers on this website, whether it be criminal defense or personal injury.