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Being charged with a crime is stressful and emotional. You need an experienced lawyer in San Antonio you can trust and who will give you comfort in your defense. I care deeply about each case I handle, and I will give you the individual attention you deserve.


You don’t have to submit to potentially lifelong consequences determined by the state of Texas. Call Corley Legal today. I will act quickly to secure your rights. I am a fighter and will provide you an aggressive defense. I have a reputation in legal circles for fiercely defending my clients, standing up to the Texas judicial system, and boldly cross-examining prosecution witnesses. I relentlessly study Texas criminal law, and I regularly complete far more than the required minimum Continuing Legal Education courses.


Get the aggressive and personalized defense you deserve. Call Corley Legal today.

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Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation or deadly conduct, you deserve the best defense possible. Below are some of my areas of practice:

  • Criminal Mischief

    Criminal Mischief

    In Texas, the offense of criminal mischief involves damage to property in the form of vandalism, destruction of property, and sometimes even arson.

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  • Criminal Trespass

    Criminal Trespass

    In Texas, you commit the offense of criminal trespass when you enter/remain on the property of another without permission of the owner/owner's representative.

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  • Deadly Conduct

    Deadly Conduct

    Deadly conduct refers to acting in a manner that puts another in “imminent danger of serious bodily injury” or the reckless use of a firearm.

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  • DWI


    It is against the law to drink so much that you become intoxicated and then drive while you are in that intoxicated state.

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  • Evading Arrest

    Evading Arrest

    Evading arrest (not to be confused with resisting arrest) is the crime of evading an attempt at a lawful detention or arrest by a peace officer.

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  • Harassment


    Harassment is a serious offense under Texas state law that is charged as a misdemeanor. Conduct that triggers harassment charges can also be used to charge you with a felony.

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  • Interference with 911 Call

    Interference with 911 Call

    A charge of interference with a 911 call is taken very seriously in Texas because it is thought to place the life or health of another person in jeopardy.

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  • Terroristic Threat

    Terroristic Threat

    A terroristic threat includes any threat of criminal violence to persons/property to frighten people, disrupt public affairs, or influence government action.

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  • Theft


    In Texas, theft is an offense that is penalized in large part according to the dollar value of the item stolen.

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  • Traffic Tickets

    Traffic Tickets

    You may lose your license with multiple convictions, which could seriously disrupt your life if you use your car to get to work.

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You Deserve the Best Defense Possible

I will fight relentlessly for you. If you have been charged with a crime, contact me today in San Antonio and surrounding counties by calling (210) 444-2889 or filling out the form below. A representative will be standing by 24/7.




Don’t submit to a fate determined by the state of Texas. Get the criminal defense you deserve.